VMV Brands is a full-service advertising and solutions agency dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services to businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, non-profits & real estate investors looking to fully optimize the internet, digital platforms and traditional media infrastructures. vmv brands plans, creates & executes strategic solutions that raise brand awareness for our clients, resulting in new/more customers and, most importantly, incremental revenue.

We conceptualize engaging solutions that drive incremental revenue for our clients and their businesses.

We absolutely LOVE what we do! Plus, we are awesome at what we do. We know traditional & digital marketing infrastructures inside-and-out and we utilize these solutions everyday for our companies, products and brands. Most importantly, we know how to make these strategic solutions work for our clients.

VMV Brands is proud to partner with Charlottesville Shopping Week to benefit Caring For Creatures. We are also very proud to support the many fantastic Charlottesville-based shops involved in Charlottesville Shopping Week

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